Friday, July 8, 2011

Pinafore Dress

Basic Pattern from Emma Hardy's "Making Children's Clothes"; my own modifications are: 1) coordinating border 2) ric rac 3) fabric applique for flower stem (versus ribbon) 4) one stem for 3 yo-yos...
Fabric for border and yo-yos is Heather Bailey's Hop Dot - Cherry from the Nicey Jane line.

Update: So, I brought the dress over to my sister's house and my niece loved the dress immediately! However, she couldn't keep it for too long because my sister suggested that I add a third button to the back so that Nini didn't need to wear shorts or pants underneath. No problem! From now on, I will make sure to add a third button to the basic design of the dress... Here is a pic of my niece wearing the dress. Isn't she lovely!

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