Saturday, May 21, 2011

My First Modification and My First Commission! (in reverse order...)

So after seeing all my sewing projects on facebook, a my friendfrom work requested that I make two tank-top dresses for Independence Day (patriotic fabric must be used, of course!!). I bought the fabric and I bought the tank tops for the project. In fact, I bought several tank tops knowing that I would want to experiment. Well, here is the experiment in photo above. I am quite pleased with the result though some of the inside needs some cleaning up. I still struggle to get that clean, finished look on the inside that my mother always accomplishes with her work... I think it just takes time and experience to get there.
With this dress, my goal was to modify an existing pattern I found online. Somehow, I felt ready and bold enough to give it a try. Overall, not bad. But the process involved some trial and error. I am learning that, in order to get the final result you desire, you must be willing to unravel your mistakes and start fresh. A hard lesson to learn when you are a perfectionist like myself... "What do you mean I didn't get it right the first time????" Yeah, I have to get over that. Because, as my mother says, sewing takes patience.:-)

UPDATE: Here is my good friend Amy's daughter wearing the dress above! Super adorable!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Itty Bitty Dress and Button Down Shirts

Above: Simplicity Pattern 2907
Above: Itty Bitty Dress - Toddler Upgrade from Made by Rae on Nini and Simplicity Pattern 2907 on Avi

Completed Buttercup Bags

Both bags below were made using the Buttercup Bag pattern from Made by Rae. Once again, I used Heather Bailey fabric (Dream Dot and Slim Dandy).

Using Scraps for T-Shirt Appliques

For the T-shirt above, I made some tulips for Nini using scraps from Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane line. The stems and leaves are done with brown felt (I will admit the use of craft felt and not high-end designer felt - whatever!). I did not use a pattern for this - I freehanded it myself!
For Avi's T-shirt, I used the pattern from the blog written by Trey and Lucy. The fabric was left over from the button down I made just last week... It's sooooo cute! Love it.