What are some good websites for sewing dolls?
The only one I have tried so far is the pattern from But here are a few I plan on attempting:
Black Apple Dolls are so adorable and I can't wait to try them out.
Moopy Dolls are super cute!
Ugly Dolls - though I wonder about copyright infringement here... I'll have to look into it.
- McCall's Doll Patterns: M5826.jpgM5605.jpg
What are some cute infant/toddler patterns?
- McCall's Infant/Toddler Pattern: M6016.jpgM2033.jpgM3665.jpg
- Simplicity Infant/Toddler Pattern: 2907351153172826 Toddler Sleepwear2427 Toddler Dress "It's so easy"2734 It's so easy Toddler Sleepwear5695 6 dresses made easy3765 baby separates3808 baby separates
- Diaper Bag Tutorials: 1)
- Changing Pad Tutorial:
- Double Faced Quilted Fabric: