Monday, January 2, 2012

Fabric on Hand as of January 2, 2012

Heathery Bailey's Nicey Jane Cap 1(these images appear "creamier" than they actually are...)
 Robert Kaufman's Polka Dots (Red and Navy Blue)

Heathery Bailey's Nicey Jane Cap 2 (these images appear "creamier" than they actually are...)
Joann's Fabric

Sunday, December 25, 2011

'Tis the Season 2011

Felt Tree Ornament: Template from
Felt Star with Blue Bird and Felt White Dove

It's Chistmas?????

Oh my goodness, how did it get to be Christmas? What the heck have I been doing for the past few months? Well, work mostly. Work is pretty much insane - 142 students, meetings with my cohort teachers three times a week, yearbook once or twice a week after school, scrapbook club once a week after school, and really the list goes on and on. With all that, I haven't had as much time to sew and, as I've said before, it saddens me. When I do have free time, I am devoid of energy, creative or otherwise. Anyhow, enough of this ranting! Because in spite of the lack of time, I have managed to complete some projects.
OCTOBER 2011 (above): Another version of the three-tiered ruffle dress...

OCTOBER 2011 (above): I am particularly please with this dress. As usual, Heather Bailey's fabric inspired the delicate femininity of this dress. After posting it on facebook, one of my friends liked it enough to purchase - major bonus!

OCTOBER 2011 (above): Since I have been so busy and short on time, I figured I would do what I can to satisfy my creative appetite. Transforming a plain, old onesie into a cute little outfit is just enough to quench the thirst for creation. These are also a great way to use those extra pieces of fabric that are too small to make a full garment. Here are some good onesie dress tutorials:
NOVEMBER 2011 (above): A few months ago, I made a corduroy skirt from my favorite go-to book, Making Children's Clothes by Emma Hardy. I had some left over material so I decided to make a modified peasant dress from the same book. Overall I am pleased with the results even though I am not satisfied with how the pattern addresses sleeves... The finished product doesn't seem to fit properly at the armpits. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'll give it another shot and see... Nini loves both the skirt and dress!
NOVEMBER 2011 (above): My dear friend Emily gave birth to a lovely baby girl and I could not resist putting together this onesie for her! This fabric was left over from a previous commission by a friend and thought it was perfect for the holiday season. And I had been dying to incorporate cherries into my work somehow! So adorable! And Emily loves it!

DECEMBER 2011 (below): By now, everyone has noticed that I love to make girls' clothing. Sorry, I can't help it! Girls' clothing is just sooooooo adorable! No matter the pattern or garment, the outcome is always one of almost unbearable cuteness. :-) So, that said, I am have made a concerted effort to find a boys' garment that I truly enjoy making that also gives me "cuteness accomplished" factor. And here it is: the reversible overall with applique! I upcycled a pair of my hubby's khakis and used left over madras fabric from the summer to make this super cute set of newborn overalls. Though I followed the steps from a tutorial, the pattern I drew myself. I just cut a 2T pattern based on standard size charts from gymboree. We'll see how that goes...
Seriously: how cute are these overalls!? :-)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Matching Diaper Bag, Bib, and Changing Pad for Emily!

Also completed a long time ago - around early September. Rhino Canvas and Laminate Cotton.

Lavender Cream Dress

Completed a LONG, long time ago... Like mid-August. Actually, I haven't been able to work on any sewing *since* this dress. It's very upsetting to me. But this is what happens when I get back to work: I have no time for my hobbies and interests. Work is ALL-consuming, to the point that during any free time I do have I am too exhausted to really do anything... :-(

Monday, August 29, 2011

Three Tiered Ruffle Dress

I was very excited to make this dress because it was a new pattern. I was also feeling pretty bold about the fabric combo and went for three different fabrics for the three ruffles (instead of the recommended two). Even as I was constructing it, I was excited about the end result.
The process was pretty straight forward. I made sure to finish all seams perfectly and to create my own double fold bias tape from the bodice fabric so that I can finish the neckline and armholes. And here it is, the final product. Several people on facebook responded very positively! Nevertheless, I am already thinking of changes for the next one. Maybe adding a ruffle to collar? I'll figure it out!