Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Doll Number Two!

Started: Sunday, January 17, 2009
Finished: Tuesday, January 19, 2009
Ta-da! Doll number two took significantly less time. I managed to finish assembling the body in one day (about two or three hours?) without any major problems. The issue arose only when I decided to work on her hair. Instead of using yarn I wanted to give her the black apple doll hairstyle. I should have decided on this earlier because you're supposed to attach the piece of felt to the heads before you assemble the doll... Thus, the finished product isn't perfect. I LOVE her polka dot dress! Overall, I love felt! It's easy to use and gives a finished, neat look to the hair that you can't achieve with bulky yarn.
Note to self: the overall process of assembling the doll for the black apple doll is very similar, if not almost identical, to the first doll I made. The only difference was adding the hair. Also, I embroidered the face before finishing up the assembly and to me it looks better than the first one...

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